Hair Care Advice

Love your Tresses.....

- Always brush from bottom to top and thoroughly between each row before putting your hair in two big braids. This is important before swimming, exercising, and sleep. Remember to hold the weft in place at the scalp when brushing, or combing. This will keep your hair from any sort of stress.

- It is very important not to sleep on wet or damp hair.

- When styling, dampen and scrunch with a diffuser to bring back curls in wavy or curly hair. Comb through with fingers only as brushing tends to straighten the wefts. Flat irons, and curling irons both work well. But, remember to use on a lower setting as too much heat is damaging.

- Try to air dry whenever possible.

- For those with itchy or sensitive scalp the weft can be flipped over with the returns on the outside.

- On installing weave, care must be taken to ensure that your stylist does not sew on the weft – always sew under weft.

- On installing weave, DO NOT cut the weft of the hair.

- You can straighten hair with blow dryer and flat iron.

- Do not use any grease, oil, oil spray/sheen to the hair.

- To protect hair from the over drying the use of our specially formulated Hair Elixir is encouraged

- Brush hair daily using our recommended flat paddle brushes, brush hair starting from the bottom and work your way up gradually to the top.