Tress Tools & Products

Highly recommended are the cushioned, oval and square paddle natural boar and nylon bristle brushes. This combination of boar and nylon bristles polishes hair perfectly. Nylon bristles won’t stretch or break hair as it slides past, while boar bristles easily slide through to distribute hair product throughout hair length for shiny, healthy tresses. The rubber cushion enables pressure to be absorbed and distributed evenly on the whole brush with a more delicate action for hair.

 Flat Paddle Brush                                                                                                                                                                               

                                                Faitress Paddle Brush

Products for Hair Care

Tress Pamper

- A luxurious and rich blend of natural ingredients created to condition your tresses leaving them well moisturized and soft.

Tress Elixir

- A rich serum made from 100% natural ingredients with the unique ability to lock in moisture and add shine to your tresses.

Tress Curl Soothe

- An innovative mix of natural gel and conditioners best used on deep wavy and curly hair to revive and hold curls.