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Exotic Curly


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Exotic Curly

Exotic Curly

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Exotic Wavy

The Exclusive, Collection is our most exclusive and certainly our finest raw hair. The Exclusive Wavy, Deep wavy, Curly and Signature straight  are the Creme de la Creme of Faitress Hair Extensions and simply gives you naturally  super luxurious looks.

Exotic Signature Straight

Exotic Signature Straight

Hair is thick , wavy and combination texture. Large “C” or”S” patterns depending on the length and holds a curl rather well.

Length (Inches): 12 inches-26 inches

Colour: black ("colour 1") and off black ("colour 1b") and rarely dark drown

3 bundles (or 300g) recommended for a full install

Available in pattern 2b and 2c- See Pattern Guide